Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My heart is pretty warm-ish today...

...and not just because its almost 100 degrees outside.

Here's what happened.

Today we went to a little homeschool rendevouz of sorts at a park. There were many booths set up for businesses or groups that had something to offer specifically to homeschoolers (classes, games, different opportunities, etc.). There was also an area of kids activities. Everything was free.

So we did some looking and gathering of information for MamaTea, which included chatting with many area homeschoolers she hadn't seen in awhile. Then we went to the kids activities.

There was a trivia game Iggy and Ooky wanted to play where you spin a wheel and the color you land on determines what subject you have to answer a question in. After you figure out what subject you have, you get to choose easy question, medium question or hard question. There are prizes to be won.

Ooky went first, landed on green, and chose easy. He gets the question "What color is a raven?"...which got a blank stare from the Ookster. When the kid running the game explained a raven is a heck of a lot like a crow, however, Ooky answered "black."

Wahoo, good for you, pick a piece of candy! says the older kid running the game.

Iggy is up next and before he goes up to spin, he whispers to me "I'm going to pick a hard question." I told him that it was up to him. (But I wasn't sure why he'd pick hard since the questions we'd heard in the hard level, when just watching the game, were a bit over his head. Oh well. Perhaps he likes a challenge?)

So Iggy spins, lands on blue and picks hard.

The question?

"The Statue of Liberty was a gift from what country?"

MamaTea thinks: Seriously? The kid is not going to get this. I mean, come on. I don't ever remember even mentioning anything about...

Iggy says, "France."

Shut up. How did he know that?

Now that, my friends, was not the warm heart part. What happened next was.

Because he chose and answered a "hard" question, he gets, as a prize, a big blow up ball. It was the very last one available to win. He takes the ball, walks it over to this kid he doesn't know, and gives it to him.

Mamatea: Um....you don't have to give your toy away, Iggy.
Iggy: No. Its ok. I won it for him.

Apparently, a bit farther away from us, an older boy (maybe 10) had been picking on a younger boy (maybe 8). The younger boy wanted to answer a hard question and win that last ball. The older boy had already won a few blow up balls and was pestering the younger boy about how he (the older one) was going to answer another hard question and win another blow up ball and there wouldn't be any left for the younger boy to win.

Apparently Iggy watched this all take place, and felt bad for the younger boy. And that is why he wanted to answer a hard question. So he could win the blow up ball for that other boy.

Yep, my heart is warmish today. Hopefully yours is, too.


Sadie said...

That is about the sweetest thing ever! I am glad he knew the answer!

Sherry said...

Awesome! :D

Kim said...

That is awesome! You should be proud, Mama!

mamak said...

Sweet child. That's a good boy with a big heart.

Stephanie said...

that is sooooo sweet!
dripping hot fudge, even.
You should be warm.
it's warm enough for all of us.

Ruralmama said...

That is so HIM! I love it.

I'm still baffled about how he knew the answer though. Wicked!

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

Those moments are the BEST.

Jennifer said...

SEE! You ARE an awesome Mom with awesome kids :o) What a great moment! Not only are you teaching them well, you are giving them some pretty damn good social skills :o)
Give him a big hug from me for being such a great kid!
Good job girlfriend :o)