Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If you give your kids an...

... instrument, or the materials to build one, they will create a band. They will name their band Bikini Wicked Wake Up. They will ask you to get out your own guitar and play the bass line to Seven Nation Army. They will make up their own words to the song because they can't remember the real words. And you will laugh. Really hard. And smile. Really big.

(I was really hoping the video we took would load, but since its not working as of right now, I'll have to give you kinda sorta actiony shots. Should the Powers That Be be more cooperative at a later time, I will add the video then. Telling you its hilarious would be an understatment.)

If you give a kid a ball and some safety cones, they will create a makeshift bowling game.

If you give a kid a croquet mallet, he might surprise you by actually playing the game. With new rules, of course, because who actually understands the official rules of that game?

If you give a kid some bocce balls, you'll get an awesome picture that captures just how silly and insane this sweetie pie is...and then you'll wonder if it was a safe idea to give him really heavy solid could-possibly-be-used-as-weapons type balls in the first place.


mamak said...

So fun! Ya know, i always mostly have issues uploading videos on blogger. i often use you tube and then imbed. might be a better option. Want to really see that video!

Ruralmama said...

HIGH-LARIOUS!You guys are a laugh riot. I especially loved the "If you give your kids an..."

You are one awesome mama! I'm awaiting that video!