Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our own Sunday Funnies

Iggy and Ooky have this fascination with spitting. I don't get it. Yesterday they went at it again. Spit on the ground, spit in the creek, spit kinda sort of close to each other...

MamaTea: Guys, stop spitting.

The boys are apparently deaf, because Iggy continues to spit. I am starting to think he has over active salivary glands.

MamaTea: Seriously guys?

Ooky fires himself up to return a whopping wad of spit at his brother, but before he does, he gets himself into prime fighting mode by pulling the power rangers mask he had sitting on top of his head down onto his face.

Then he spits.

Then you hear...

Ooky: Oh. I guess that doesn't work when you have a mask on.

So now Ooky has a mask full of spit, and Iggy is kind of grossed out at the thought of having a mask full of spit.

Problem solved. :)


Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

My now 12yo went through an annoying spitting stage a few years ago (maybe 4?) I finally told him that spitting seems to be something men enjoy doing, but women find it gross, so if he really felt a need to do it, I would ask that he refrain from doing it in front of women.

I've never seen him spit again.

MamaTea said...

What is it with guys and spitting?

Good idea about suggesting they not doing it in front of the gals. Perhaps I'll keep that one in my back pocket...assuming they one day forget how gross the spit inside the mask was...

Stephanie said...



Stefanie said...

Too funny! My 4yo daughter is quite fascinated with spitting also, but at least she just likes to spit in the grass.