Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Moments Like These...

...are why the rat race kind of issues that arise at swimming lessons (see yesterday's post) bug me so much. Our life is just so not that. Example:

Iggy and Ooky decide they are going to build a tent out of gym mats.

At some hour of the night (that I'm sure i'm a terrible parent for letting them even know exists) they crawl inside and snuggle in for a good night's sleep.

About three minutes later, the two campers arrive at my bedside and decide that since its a dadless night, hogpiling on mom would be far more fun than camping in that dark ol' tent anyway.

Perfect. And yes, that is my oldest son, Iggy, in a silky pastely pj top intended for girls. He bought it at a garage sale because it has bloodhounds on it and he likes bloodhounds "and the feel of silky things, mom."

You go, my big little man. :)


mamak said...

Love his silky PJ's!

MamaTea said...

As do I :) Its another one of those wonder if he was in school, would he still be genuine enough to pick out silky bloodhound jammies? Or would he stick strictly with Spongebob and StarWars (his other two favorites)?