Friday, June 5, 2009

Freaky Friday: Random freakiness

Alas...we arrive at another freaky friday. Where you get to find out a little bit (or a lotta bit) of "offness" that lives inside of MamaTea.

Here's a website that's a little "freaky". Go visit it...especially if you have kids who are obsessed with the bathroom habits or body noises. is a little trivia type game from the Minnesota Zoo about animal scat. The boys loved it, are now reciting lovely facts to anyone who will listen...and I even learned a thing or two. At the end, you get a "Poop Expert" certificate to print off. We have two proudly displayed on the fridge here.

Here's something I thought was a little "freaky", but in a different sense. A college here that most people know simply as St. Kate's is changing its name from college to university Um, seriously? In this're going to change your name? What about all the banners/signs/letterhead/etc/etc/etc you're going to have to re-do now? There's been all sorts of things published about why the name is changed - and I don't understand any of it. So maybe I'm the freaky one. Is there really that big of a difference between a college and a university? Does it really make that much better of an impression on your resume if it says university? I mean, I didn't graduate from a college or a university(and therefore have a lame resume anyway), so perhaps this is something I'm extremely uneducated about. Fill me in. Who is freaky here - me for not getting it, or the school for thinking the name is going to draw more people?

And last but not least in freakiness is the new hands-on-CPR we learned about on television the other day. "We don't breathe anymore?" I asked deputy and former fireman Hubster. He informed me that people are a little weird about germs. Throughout a bit of reading I did, it was insinuated that the upper-uppers decided more people would do CPR if they didn't have to worry about the "mouth to mouth" part. Hmmm. Perhaps its just me, but met with the decision of try to save a life vs. suck up some germs...hmmm. But then you know me. I'm just freaky.


Jennifer said...

Ohh yeah! Did you hear the one about the airport spending 10 mil to change the names of the terminals to ones that people will remember, along with adding the names of the airlines that are at each of the 2 terminals?
LAME!!! How about you just add a little piece onto the bottom of the signs that says the names of the airlines at each of the 2 terminals?
I feel more like a rocket scientist every day, roflol!

homeschoolceo said...

That is freaky. I had heard that they decreased the # of breaths per chest compressions, but stopping it all together?!

Ruralmama said...

That bit about CPR is FREAKY! What the heck? We're too good to bend down and swap some spit to save a life?

Whatever, you're still getting MY spit!

mamak said...

I hear the that CPR changed to a 30 compressions to two breathes ratio? But I didn't know it was a germ change? I figured most people did not do CPR because they were A- afraid they could get sued if done improperly ( has happened!) or did not know how! Freaks...