Saturday, June 6, 2009

Life with Boys

Iggy approaches me the other day with this lovely uniform.
"What do you plan on doing with all that on?" I ask.
"I'm doing Extreme Bailing," he answers.
"Extreme Bailing, Mom. Bailing out from a wagon going down the hill. Or maybe I'll purposely bail off my bike."

Some boy moments actually are kinda quiet. When they stop for half a second. It happens every so often.

But mostly, its loud. Or messy. And sometimes a bit dangerous.

Its a bit of a crazy life, living with boys. We dig giant worm pits, have light saber fights, make diet coke fountains, and bail out of wagons. Its a messy life. The ring around the bathtub never seems to go away. But I wouldn't want it any other way :)


Ruralmama said...

Oh yeah. I hear ya!

You know, I could have entitled that "Life with Girls" and exchanged pics of my two crazy ladies!

It's too much fun.

mamak said...

Awesome! Poop expert, love it! and you know that a kid who is into fishing is a kid that makes my heart flutter..

Stephanie said...

Lovelovelove the bailout gear.
His teeth are protected, I see. Looks like he's got it all covered.

I've finally accepted that Life Is Messy.
That makes it a bit easier. :)

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

You are inspiring me to get back to my own blog.

We are to the point where we give out Mentos and Coke for birthday presents, and then of course, go outside to demonstrate how it works!