Monday, December 28, 2009


Its hard to peg how old kids are in Homeschool Land. In fact, homeschooling and age together in the same sentence are kinda tough. You can't look at what someone is learning and assume they are a certain age, because in Homeschool Land, kids are all over the board. In Homeschool Land, the kids mix up with other kids of all kinds of ages. You can't walk into a room of homeschoolers and say "This is clearly a room of 7 year olds."

So I've got two wee homeschooled babes. Or...well, not so wee. Hubster is 6 ft 5, so...let's be honest... my wee babes have never really been quite wee. In any event, sometimes its hard for passerbys to figure out their age.

Sometimes MamaTea has a hard time figuring out their ages. I know from their birth certificates they are almost 6 and almost 7. Some days (the whiny crabby dramatic ones) it feels like they are almost 2 and 3.

But lately, there are frightening glimpses of having almost 12 and 13 year olds. Case in point:

These are my winter boots. Size 7 Columbia's I inherited from a foreclosed house I helped to clean out. They are just about brand new.

Yup, my boots.

But I don't wear them. Nope, that honor goes to my son. Darling Iggy, who will be 7 in March, who stands 4 ft 3 inches tall, has claimed these as his boots. Because they fit him.

He's gettin' bigger.
He wanted boxers for Christmas. No more tighty-whiteys for me, Mom.
He reads at night in the top bunk, with a flashlight clutched in his hands. He tells me in the morning, "Mom...I finished that book last night. It was pretty good. Can you find me another one?"
He needs to shower. Like, right now. Not like a few months ago, when he showered because he was muddy from playing outside all day. He needs to shower now because he has the faint (but distinct) odor of Boy. I mean, Guy.
He's almost 7.
Is this normal?

Oh. My.
Life is a crazy thing.
When did everyone get so big?

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Anonymous said...

My H-T hit puberty really early and has always been big - - really big - - for his age, so I'm right there with's rather disconcerting, to say the least!!