Sunday, December 20, 2009

not your average christmas party

The invitation was set in front of me.

Trying my best job to decipher a five year old's invented/phonetic spelling, I gathered this much:

Elizabeth Swann, You are invited to a party for pirates. There will be legos, guitars, and doings.

Me: Elizabeth Swann?
Ooky: That's who you are from Pirates of the Caribbean. Remember? I'm Will Turner.
Me: So we're having a party?
Ooky: Yes. Tonight after supper.
Me: And there will be legos, guitars...and doings?
Ooky: Yes, Elizabeth. That is another way to say stuff going on.

You've gotta love him.

Ooky: Don't forget you have to wear a black shirt. And you have to talk in your best Elizabeth Swann voice.

That means thick British accent, I think.

Come to find out, the entire household (except for Hubster, who was leaving for work) was invited.

Grandma, who apparently plays the character of Calypso, even got a costume made for her.

When I asked how we would know the party was starting, Ooky explained: "You will know it is time for the party to start...because it will start."

And there you have it.

So we all hurried into the appropriate attire, were presented with wooden or plastic or Construx or Lego made weapons, and posed for the very important picture.

Front Row (L to R): Iggy as Captain Jack, Ooky as Will Turner.
Back row (L to R): Grandma as Calypso, Grandpa as Barbossa, and Me as Elizabeth Swann.

It was a wild party. A swashbuckling good time. And the invitations were correct. There was, in fact, lego pirate ship building:

a pirate playing his guitar:

and lots of other "doings":

It was wildly unlike any other near-Christmastime party I've ever attended.
I don't know that any other near-Christmastime party I've ever attended has inspired so many smiles to brighten my face.
Christmastime parties should be like that.
Thank goodness for little piratey boys.


Sarah said...

That's awesome. Pure awesome.

Ruralmama said...

We bow before your supreme cool creativity. And your ability to talk in a really thick British accent.

You mom makes a sweet Calypso- tell her I said so!


Anonymous said...

Well, I mean, OBVIOUSLY, that's the way they celebrate Christmas on pirate ships, right? Right???

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

I love your boys. They remind me of mine. :)