Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yes, I probably live in a cave.

A fellow homeschooler and I chatted over coffee while our kids played football in the backyard.

“So,” she began. “Do you ever go to Currclick?”

I didn’t know what she was talking about. Never heard of the thing.

Apparently I’m one in a bazillion.

She explained what it was (a great place to get downloadable curriculum for homeschooling) showed me some of the fantabulous things she’d gotten (both knights/armor and magic treehouse lapbook thingies) and, as a bonus, told me how cheap they were (on sale for a couple bucks).

They looked kinda cool.
No, actually they looked really cool.
I was so checking out CurrClick when I got home.

And I did. I found myself looking things up. Creating a wishlist. Looking up more stuff. Doing a little planning in my head. I mean, who knew there were so many absolutely cool things out there?

Oh wait. Any homeschooler currently not walking around with tunnel vision into one certain method of schooling. Yup, y’all would know about the absolutely cool things out there. Right?

Homeschooling is so much easier when you look at the world with eyes actually open and stop operating under assumptions. I think perhaps I will resolve to glue my lashes to my eyebrows in an effort to keep my eyeballs constantly doing their thang.

Then it happened. That darn Black Friday Sale came…right there at CurrClick…
I got out the check card.
I clicked and checked and chose and clicked some more and…

There it was. I was buying curriculum. A study of pirates (almost completed, post coming soon) and a unit on early/pioneer Christmas.
And I’m kinda excited.
Don’t tell anyone, ok?


Sarah said...

I'd never heard of that site either! Very cool.

I'm all for using any resource that will help my kids along their path. I have one girl that I think will thrive on little curriculums here and there.

SAHMinIL said...

I love currclick. I'm always looking through there FREE section! I've gotten tons of stuff, but have yet to pay a penny. It worth going to their site at least once a week and seeing what's free that week. Also if you haven't done so sign up for their newsletters! They will promote new free items in their newsletters along with things that fill up fast, like their LIVE Classes! I've been wanting to do a LIVE class with them for a while now, but the time is never good for us!