Monday, December 7, 2009

A swashbuckling good time

Pirates invaded my house yesterday.


Since Pirates of the Caribbean had (out of the blue) become hugely important and cool at our house, we got ourselves a little piratey unit from Currclick and had some fun. It was mostly a language arts unit with a bit of history thrown MamaTea had to get a few piratey books from the library to supplement Iggy and Ooky's But what about and Do you know if and but I thought what actually happened...all in all, we learned as much about syllables, spelling, and writing as we did about designing Jolly Rogers, making old fashioned treasure maps, lego pirate ships, Blackbeard, being marooned, and of course, pirate weapons.

Its perfectly safe to say they learned something. And were excited. Many dinnertime conversations have turned to something piratey. And for this odd duck of a mama, that was a good thing.

Anyhow, the invasion of actual pirates began because I told them on the last day of pirate our unit we were going to have a little quiz. I also told them I might be convinced to introduce them to a certain piratey game online after the quiz was done.

This is who showed up to school that fateful last day of piracy.

Why if it isn't Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner!
(They did this while I was still sleeping. I had nothing to do with it.)

So after Elizabeth Swann (who the boys decided I was) got over the cuteness of her fellow pirates, the boys decided there was something that just didn't look right.

Elizabeth Swann had the answer, and we made some changes. (Aye. The magic of facepaint.)

We had a jolly time. We took our quiz (which went lovely, except for them inheriting their mother's terrible sense of direction: if you are facing north, what direction is right behind you?) and then we played some online piratey fun. They slashed up some undead and battled giant rock crabs. Delightful fun.

Iggy said at the end of our day, with a little bit of a quiver in his voice...

"Mom, now that our pirate unit is over, does that mean we can't talk about pirates anymore?"

Seriously, Iggy. What school do you think you go to?

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