Friday, December 18, 2009

Yup, its busy

It's a busy time of year with so many things to do.
Like what, you ask?

It is delightful to make stars.

Can you believe it was our first year to make
cinnamon applesauce ornaments?

It is a very important job to hang them on the tree.

Iggy and Ooky had their first experience with a Twinkie while we made miniature french yule log cakes.

(Not difficult. Frost a Twinkie with chocolate frosting, drag a fork through the frosted sides to make it look like bark, sprinkle with powdered sugar for snow effect. Taken from the book Merry Christmas Everywhere that we are currently having a slammin' good time with...)

It's a messy and lovely project. And if you like Twinkies, I suppose it might be tasty, too. ;)

We made a batch of our bestest hot chocolate ever to share with friends.

Also not difficult. Add these ingredients to an empty ice cream bucket: 2 lb can of Nestles Quik, 7 oz jar Creamora creamer, 2 cups sifted powdered sugar, and 10 cups dry milk powder. Mix it up! Add 1/3 cup to mug of hot water. Enjoy.)

We also survived another pirate invasion. Thank goodness we didn't have to stop talking about pirates just because the unit study was done!

We hope you are pleasantly busy with holiday goodness at your house as well. And may you be equally as lucky in any pre-Christmas encounters with pirates. ;)

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Anonymous said...

I'm completely enchanted by the paper stars!! Do you think you need a specific kind of paper for that craft? I really would like to get a few of those made while we're snowed in.