Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lego Men need Christmas, too

Through our Early Christmas unit, we've been learning about how the early American settlers celebrated Christmas. And we're learning a's most interesting tidbits revolved around the dishes that were sometimes served: boiled buffalo hunp, dried moose nose, smoked buffalo tongue, and beavertail.

I guess that's called using what you have. ;)

But what's always most amazing to the boys are the many (many) things the early settlers did not have that we take for granted today.

Like, for instance, lego men.

Life is so incomplete here without Lego Men, according to Iggy and Ooky. And I suppose that's to be expected. What was not expected, however, was MamaTea figuring out a way to deck the halls in Lego Land.

(I can't take the credit for this. The credit goes to some late night/early morning blog wandering here.)

I think its a nice eclectic segway...don't you? Pioneer Christmas to...Lego Man Holiday?

"Don't look now, men...butI think there is a giant snowman sneaking towards us...coming through the forest..." (Iggy)

"Is it time to open presents yet?" (Ooky)

"Stop distracting me! I'm trying to decorate this tree with joint poppers!" (Iggy)

"Wow. You guys are tall. And freaky." (Ooky)

Ah, the fun of Lego Men. As long as the boys don't try to feed them boiled buffalo hump, I think we're ok. ;)


MamaLou said...

My non writing non schooled boys -- would they like the curr click thing? Are you doing all activities or gleaning info?? Care to do a unschooling critique of it....I'm debating buying as it seems like something info wise my boys might like.....

MamaTea said...

We do not do the units from beginning to end. I'm very picky and choosey...doing what I think is going to work for them and be interesting. There were lots of things in the pirate unit, for instance that we bypassed because even though it was for (around) my kids' ages, there was a lot in there (as far as the writing part) that I thought was over the top. But the information was good and it led to other good stuff. We did do some of the writing stuff...but not nearly what they had suggested. There is such a variety of stuff on Currclick, you just have to look around. There is stuff on there I probably wouldn't buy because of the price and how its set up, but there are other things on there that are cheap enough or that I think I can tweak to fit my kids. Any other questions? email me: farmmilkmama (at) yahoo (dot) com.