Friday, December 18, 2009

how the spelling thing made me smile

Some days in December, there is a very likely chance I will spontaneously morph into Freak-Out Monster Mama. It might be due to the energizer bunny on cocaine type of energy blasting through the house.

Other days, however, it is easy to laugh and smile. I've yet to pinpoint what exactly the difference is, but was one of those days.

Working on spelling today, my darling Iggy and Ooky had me belly laughing.

Ooky is asked to spell "star".
Ooky: Mom...can I just sign the word star to you? Because I know how to do it in sign language, but I'm not exactly sure how to spell it.

Iggy is asked to spell "Santa".
Iggy: Mom. Here. I spelled Saint Nick (s-a-n-t-n-i-c-k)instead of Santa. You know, that's his other name.
Me: But we are working on spelling Santa, darling child.
Iggy: Does it really matter? I mean, he goes by lots of different names. Can't I just spell one of his names?

Ooky is asked to spell "tree".
Ooky: Tree? So I need to start with a letter "c"...
Me: Um...tree most definitely doesn't start with a c, darling.
Ooky: What are you talking about? You don't even know how to spell, Mom. Sound it out. Ch....r...eee.

I casually point out to Iggy that his "s"'s are backwards in what he has just written.

Iggy: It doesn't matter. Because you know that its an "s", right?
Me: So it doesn't matter if the "s" is backwards?
Iggy: Nope.
Me: Ok, Not Lock.
Iggy: Not Lock?
Me: Yeah, that's your name backwards. C-o-l-t-o-n backwards is n-o-t-l-o-c. Not Lock.
(I think he laughed so hard he almost peed his pants.)

Ooky is asked to spell "bell".

Ooky: This is one of those words that ends with more than one L, right?
Me: Yup.
Ooky: Because its got a really long LLLLLL sound, right?
Me: Yup, I guess.
Ooky answers with:

I feel like I live in the middle of a comedy show. The best days are the ones where I remember to laugh. ;)


Anonymous said...

I know you couldn't part with them permanently, but if I could BORROW your boys for just a couple days, I think my life would be significantly improved. :D

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

ROFLOL. My boys like to go by their backwards names. Sometimes they won't respond to their real ones. I have to say them backwards to get their attention.