Tuesday, December 15, 2009

frozen, but yummy

Windchills here in Minnesota are approaching normal winter gorgeousness: -25 to -30.

Love it. ;)

And like many families, we are doing a countdown-to-Christmas chain here. Inside each loop, I have added a little note that tells of something lovely about the day…a fun project, something groovy to create, a special place we are going, friends who might be coming to visit…

A couple days ago, when it was particularly frozen outside, my little note mentioned “frozen puppy chow”.

Some (or all) of you may be familiar with the recipe for Puppy Chow. (Or Muddy Buddies, as the actual Chex recipe is called.) But we do things a little different with puppy chow/muddy buddies here.

We eat them frozen.

Yeah. Like from the freezer.

Which only makes sense to someone from Minnesota. You know, eating something that cold when it is...this cold...outside.

I don’t know how it started. Someone at one time decided they’d be goofy and stick the puppy chow in the freezer (maybe in an effort to hide/stash it and keep everyone else from eating it) and discovered that puppy chow which is frozen is quite tasty.

I love accidental discoveries, don't you?

Anyhow, puppy chow makin' time had come. The boys did not try to contain their excitement, and got right to work.

Regardless of the fact they are frying brain cells, they can't resist watching (and giving a play by play report of) the butter, chocolate and peanut butter melting together.

What a relief to me to discover that there are still a few instances when Iggy and Ooky can refrain from talking for more than 30 seconds…

Then again, isn't licking the spoon the best part??

By the way, stuffing the puppy chow into the freezer does not make it last any longer. 24 hours after you have made it, you will still be wondering where it all went, and vowing once again to make a double batch for next time…

** When making the freezer version of the recipe, allow the puppy chow to cool completely (like the original recipe states) and then place in freezer.

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